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A couple of months ago, I met a Russian missionary and his wife that had been living and working in Uzbekistan for the last several years. His name is Sergei and he had been a youth leader/pastor and had moved to the Kaluga region to begin new ministry. We spent much time talking and realized that we had the same goals/desires to reach out to hurting teenagers and children in the Kaluga region. Sergei knew that I worked with orphanages and told me to come to the villages with him and I will be shocked when I see the conditions that many of these kids are living in. I went with him and I was shocked! I have never experienced anything like it. We had been praying about working together and I feel strongly that God has brought us together to fulfill this purpose. He told me that he had been praying for a long time for God to bring someone along side him to help in his ministry. I had been praying for the same thing. We began ministering together only 3 weeks ago and I have already seen how powerfully God is working through him and his wife in a small city called Suhinichi near Kaluga.

After leaving this village we went to another where we visited 2 women that had become Christians only two months ago. When we got there they invited us in and wanted us to pray for the one woman’s sick mother, who was in bed. One lady, with tears in her eyes told me that she is thankful to Sergei because she has repented and became a Christian through him witnessing to her. She was so thankful for him coming to their home. Both ladies in these photos repented at the same time. They both recently moved here from Beslan, in south Russia, where hundreds of children died in a school seige. Their own kids were in the school during this time. 



Missionary Sergei, and women from Beslan, Russia

Beslan School Aftermath


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