An Outreach to the Orphan Children
and Children at Risk in the Former Soviet Union


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Disturbing Facts
  • There are over 1 million children living in institutions in Russia today. (Many believe this number to be closer to 2 million.)
  • An addition of approximately 1.5 – 2 million are living on the streets.

  • The situation for orphan children and children at risk is becoming worse and the number of these kids entering into the orphanage is on the rise.

  • Survival statistics for orphans once they leave the orphanages are abysmal. Many directors, as well as officials in the department of Education for St Petersburg, claim that only around 10 – 20% of orphans "survive" within a few years of leaving the orphanages. By "survive" they meant not becoming a drug addict, a prostitute, a homeless person, or put in prison after they leave the orphanage.

  • According to the Russian Procuracy General, around 15,000 orphans "graduate" from the orphanages every year. Within a few years of graduation, of the 15,000 graduates, 30% will be unemployed, 35% will be homeless, 20% will have criminal records, and 10% will commit suicide.
  • As the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Russia explodes (AIDS in Russia is growing faster than in any other country in the world), orphans become an increasingly at-risk group.

We are especially concerned for the young teenager who is in the transition period of leaving the orphanage to enter into the real Russian world - often times, a world without hope for the Russian orphan.  These children are often considered outcasts in their society, with little hope for further education or a secure job.  Many times children are forced to leave the orphanage as early as age 15 due to overcrowded facilities.

"After interviewing and surveying numerous orphans, I have concluded that they all, regardless of level of physical surrounding, feel unloved, alone, isolated, and without hope for their future. These orphans lack a will to survive. A true relationship with Jesus Christ gives hope for the future and security that they are not alone."

Cristi Hillis "Co Mission for Children at Risk".




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