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This little girl's name is Nastya.  She is a very special child. She is 6 years old and has been in a childrens rehab center (childrens home) with her sister Yulia who is now 8. They live in a tiny one  room apartment with 8 other people.  Her parents will leave her and her sister alone at home for days with little or no food. Although she is not at the childrens home presently, she often comes back there to be fed and to be in an environment where she is loved. Olga, the director at the rehab center has a big heart for these children and has also become a close friend of ours..  She gets upset because she often has to send kids back to unpleasant home situations.
 Nastya (Anastasia) & Yulia are in the process of being taken away from their parents.  This is good in a way but even though these kids are treated so badly at home, they still love their parents and do not want to leave them. The worst part is is that these children could be split up and sent to orphanages that are very far away.

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