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We went to the village one day to call on a 16 year old girl named Olesya and her 6 year old brother. They live with their mother and grandmother who are severe alcoholics. There is no father.  The mom and grandmother are always drunk and they do not take care of these kids. There was absolutely no food in this apartment. This place was in terrible condition.  As we were leaving that day there were 3 old ladies sitting outside on a bench. They called us over and asked us to please help this girl and take her away from here.  They were afraid something bad was going to happen to her.  "Her mother is always drunk and there are men coming  in and out of the apartment." That was one lady’s exact quote.

The sad thing is these kids are not alone. There are so many more situations like this and even worse. Many go to larger cities like Moscow and St Petersburg while to these smaller cities and villages, people will seldom come.  Unfortunately situations like these are common amongst children in homes and orphanages in Russia.

Olyesa and her brother! Reading the Josh McDowell gospel literature we gave.

Cooking food that we brought.  She was dressed in rags the first time we met her.           My Interpreter and partner Yulia







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