An Outreach to the Orphan Children
and Children at Risk in the Former Soviet Union


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  1. We now have a non profit organization approved by Russian officials to work in the area of post transitional homes and refuge centers for orphans after they have left the protection of the orphanage. They face many problems and difficulties and are not prepared as they face life out on their own. In the near future we hope to have a center staffed by Russians to teach, disciple and minister to these teens that have no family and no outside help. This center can also be used to house orphan children have no other place where they can live.


    Former addicts living in tents

    Our local Russian church has a piece of land and are in the process of building a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. There are presently 12 former addicts who are living in tents and a small constructed building on this land. We hope to bring in more people as God provides the funding to continue in this project. 


  2. Future family style transition home and education center to help orphans who are in the process of or who have left the children's home to face a difficult life on their own.
  3. To minister to children/teens in orphanages through sports ministries, music, and bible teaching programs. In the past we have also been able go into the youth prisons where the average age of kids is 14 – 18. We hope to continue this work in the future.
  4. To be involved in HIV/AIDS as well as drug education for orphan children.
  5. Independent living programs that offer orphan children a place to live after the orphanage, as well as parental foster care in which foster parents can provide love, help and support to each individual child.
  6. Work with other evangelical churches in the region that are currently working with orphan children. This will also involve raising the necessary funding to send kids to summer camps where local Christians can minister to them in a more effective way.

In order to house orphan children in independent living centers, rehab centers and to have the required staff to work in these areas, much funding is needed. This cannot be done without your help.  Please consider to donate to our Mission.


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